Sunday, April 08, 2018   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €7,50

STRUCTURE (Brighton, UK)
Drawing inspiration from Wire’s frenetic ‘Pink Flag’-era, Aussie degenerates X, and the bleak stride of Crisis,
Structure delivers jagged lines on a cold steel frame of tense dense discontent to vandalise your dirty mind.
The band’s debut 12-inch features six originals, including the future dance floor filler ‘Disco’.
And is out now on HARBINGER SOUND (Sleaford Mods, Chaos UK, Nachthexen). With members of Men Oh Pause and Die.

Structure – Disco

“6 songs drenched in a haze of grey misery,
With just enough hope to raise the spirits of the wierdo punk in you.
Taking cues from late 70’s post/anarcho punk.
The only era of music worth listening to…” – Trump

STRUCTURE – s/t 12” – Harbringer Sound
I have only just got myself a copy of this on vinyl, but I’ve been listening to it on-line constantly over the past couple of weeks. There may only be 6 tracks, they are are all stunningly good. Structure have a sound that reminds me of late ‘70s ‘post punk’ bands, particularly Gang Of Four (but there are also hints of Adam & The Ants’ first album and Siouxsie & The Banshees’ second album), with it’s angular guitar and almost tribal rhythm section, but it also has a real contemporary feel. The recording is great, each instrument cuts through and the vocal volume sits perfectly in the mix; but that doesn’t take away any of the drive or energy from the songs, instead they grab hold of you, forcing you to appreciate their sheer quality; each one of them, in turn, sounds like the best song you’ve ever heard. This is one of those rare records that I can listen to over and over and over without getting bored. If you haven’t caught up with Structure yet, you really need to rectify that, like right now! (Tony/Suspect Device Zine)

SLOW WORRIES (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Slow Worries combine dreamy melodies with solid dissonance. While taking cues from the likes of Helium, The Spinanes & Slant 6, their 2 guitars/drums lineup betrays a post-hardcore influence as well.

Slow Worries are slow burners…a year in the making they are ready to share their debut EP but it is bursting with pent up energy. The foursome recorded the record themselves on weekends in their practice space with a friend and the diy spirit creeps through the recordings.

Musically the songs reference a lot of 90s indie and post-hardcore, think Slant 6/Helium/Treepeople/Fugazi. Lyrically Slow Worries tend to go by the ‘the personal is political’ credo.

Dividing their time between other bands & careers this band is testament to their shared history, friendship and mutual love for classic 90’s underground bands. Urgent, catchy and just plain beautiful.

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