Saturday, November 19, 2022   
Doors open: 19:00
Showtime: 20:00
Damage: €10

🇺🇦 United Assistance Charity Tour 🇺🇦

This is a benefit concert night for Ukraine.

From the artists: “Unable to ignore the suffering of our people and trying to help Ukraine finish this bloody war, we are doing a charity tour in Europe to spread some words about the situation and collect some funds for our friends fighting at the frontline. All proceeds will go to military and humanitarian fundraising activities.”

PREE TONE (Ukraine)
(noise-rock / shoegaze)
Pree Tone are a trio from Kyiv presenting Ukraine’s independent scene for more than 8 years now with 6 albums released and a few big tours across Europe in their pockets. While the studio sound itself is expressive and powerful, the live acts of the band transform every song into an endless journey of trippy guitars and pushing beats. The upcoming album Heavier Than Usual was recorded this year after the start of the hostilities and will be performed on the shows alongside the classics of the shoegaze period. So, open your mind for a mindshifting new-age noise act.

DJ. FLUGVÉL OG GEIMSKIP (aka Airplane & Spaceship) is the one-person orchestra of Steinunn Hardardottir that draws influences from a thousand worlds. Defined as electronic horror-music with a space twist, the music is a mix of playful beats, cool bass, catchy melodies and joyfully off-kilter vocals. Her live performances are colourful and poetic and her music deals with alien worlds, mysteries, dreams and dangers of the night. Her concerts are like a strange blend of music, horror stories, poetry and theatre. The audience is left feeling like they are in a vivid dream or have travelled to outer space.

CHILLERA (Anastasiia Marukutsa (drums), Polina Matskevich (guitar) and Ganna Brizhata (bass).) is a band from Odesa formed in Crimea, where Anya and Polina worked together on a construction site. For three months during the summer, they played musical instruments, listened to hi-life and King Tubby and enjoyed the beauty of the landscapes. Some of the workers wore jackets with the ‘Chillers’ labels of air conditioning systems, which became the band name ‘Chillera’, meaning ‘relax’, ‘meditation’ and ‘cool’. Their music expresses quality sound research that reconfigures the dub genre through a perspective situated in the spaces and aesthetics of Ukrainian culture.
In addition to the Chillera music project, together with Sasha Franko and Slavko Breus they organise the ODS festival on the banks of the Kuyalnyk estuary, one hour from Odesa.


Today is the most difficult time for our country and all Ukrainians. Therefore, the United Assistance tour is not really about music, it’s about connecting dots between musicians from various countries, fundraising activities in Ukraine, and you. We are grateful to the Ukrainian defenders and volunteers for having an opportunity to make art in the age of horror in our homeland. Thus our everyday goal is to help them and deliver Ukraine to the moment of victory. Attending this benefit event is a great opportunity to donate directly to Safe & Sound Ukraine fundraiser aiming to purchase equipment for Ukrainian medics. The other part of the collected donations and merch sales will be transferred to Musicians Defend Ukraine foundation helping artists on the frontline. Your support during the UA tour, as well as the participation of artists from other countries, is invaluable to us.

🤝 Safe & Sound Ukraine


🤝 Musicians Defend Ukraine

Tune in and let the evil be defeated!
DOOR: 20:00 – 01:00 | €10 or MORE

Poster credits: Masha Marykutsa

Bookings are closed for this event. 50 tickets will be sold at the door