BROMP TREB (US) + HAPPY FUJI NEWS (Woodcut Theater) + MOFAYA! vs. Sun-Mi Hong & Alistair Payne (IN:人) + MISANTHROPE (Almeida, Lopes & Ernsting)

Monday, February 06, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: €6-9

ltd seated capacity, please RSVP!

Bromp Treb is the solo noise/music performance and recording project of Los Angeles-based artist Neil Young aka Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young. Since 2002 Bromp Treb has put many recordings in circulation and has performed at fancy-pants places like ICA Boston and the High Zero Festival as well as countless basements, bars, lofts, living rooms, closets and art spaces all around North America and Europe. Bromp Treb is onomatopoeia, the sputterings of refined dysfunction and eager uncertainty. An improvised maze of crooked rhythms and tangled textures made with voice, synthesis, percussion and body, maybe a little physical comedy. Mmmwhat else do ya wanna know?
Currently, Young has been playing percussion in an improvising quintet Gloyd, experimenting with electro-acoustic speaker synthesis in a duo called Carbus. His longest-running collaboration with noise rock weirdos Fat Worm of Error remains on indefinite hiatus. Young can also be found improvising in other ad hoc ensembles as opportunities arise.
As a filmmaker, Young uses similar musical approaches to cinematic material, making personal experimental films and videos that playfully bend time and revel in not-knowing. He co-directed (with Jake Meginsky) the feature-length portrait film MILFORD GRAVES FULL MANTIS, which has screened all over North America and Europe to critical acclaim. >>

Eric Kinny‘s Woodcut Theater is coming to OCCII and it’s going to be wild!
With over 200 hand-carved and printed woodcuts, Eric himself will take you on a 30-minute journey filled with captivating stories and music. But this isn’t your typical animation or projected movie, Eric will be using the actual prints as the visual! There was mention of throwing some prints so it’s guaranteed to be a spectacle. A visit to the future of the past, caveman-style original cinema.

Happy Fuji News (Trailer)

MOFAYA! meets Sun-Mi Hong & Alistair Payne (IN:人)
MOFAYA! is the sax and drums duo of John Dikeman and Aleksandar Skoric. They perform ecstatic, earth scorching free jazz which draws heavily on the traditions of African American free jazz as well as European free improvisation.
John Dikeman – Sax, Aleksandar Škorić – Drums, Sun-Mi Hong – Trumpet, Alistair Payne – Drums

“From the start to the closing title track, in which especially Ernsting finally goes absolutely bonkers, “Misanthrope” has an excellent flow and something new and exciting to tell with each new chapter. As ideally with any jazzcore-infused music of the John Zorn tradition – and even if you don’t really get it in a deeper way yet – you can just have a lot of fun with the sheer craziness of its spontanous arrangements.”
Gonçalo Almeida – Bass, Luís Lopes – Guitar, Phillip Ernsting – Drums



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