Benefit Photo Exhibition & Sale – Online Gallery

Many of us are missing live music, terribly. We are grieving the sudden death of concerts. We are craving the quirky, sweaty, crowded OCCII shows the most, but also the really weird ones that probably only 10 people would attend. There is no place like the OCCII! It has a unique character, a beauty and a rawness to it that cannot be replaced and certainly will not be forgotten. It is important, more than ever, to come up with ways to help it not only to survive but also to creatively thrive, in times of unprecedented restrictions and limitations. With this exhibition and print sale we are giving music back to the OCCII, in the way photographers know best, through their images, as souvenirs of a recent past that feels so distant already, but also providing some financial aid to keep it going as further possible.

More than 20 photographers responded to the call to look through their archives and to donate photos made at OCCII shows, throughout the years. We included everybody that showed interest in participating, professional and amateur photographers alike. This creative solidarity action is only possible thanks to all of them, and its proceeds will be 100% for the OCCII.

The offline exhibition is happening on the 26th, 27th and 28th of June and the people visiting will be able to buy the photos shown. There will also be some original art prints by Rogier Smal and a little booklet about the event made by Roger NBH, both regular OCCII collaborating artists.

After the exhibition, it will be possible to buy the remaining prints here, using the contact form below. Most prints (40×30 and 45×30) have a starting price of 50 euros (without shipping expenses). We would like to welcome you to donate more if you can. To buy a print that is no longer available here, please get in touch with us or the photographer directly.

Each photo shown here contains links to both the event where it was made and to the photographer’s website or preferred social media. We encourage you to explore those links, to go back to the original event page – where you can (re)discover the amazing poster art that also characterizes the OCCII – and get to know more of the photographers’ works.

    1 Roger NBH - OCCii facade2 Elffin van Beers - Alison Marble4 Kelly Chambers - Hysterics5 Kelly Chambers - White Lung6 Jo Higgs - Fine China10 Cor Jabaaij - Belgrado11 Cor Jabaaij - Lydia Lunch RetroVirus12 Cor Jabaaij - Vanishing & Bettina Koester14 Regina van der Kloet - OCCii 201915 Regina van der Kloet - OCCii 201316 Alex Koutsman - Pressure Pact17 Alex Koutsman - Siege18 Marcia van der Kraan - Los Cripis23 Susana Martins - King Ayisoba25 Benny van der Plank - Bug26 Alek Riquelme - Repetitor28 Marcin Robak - OCCii - "Corridor to the garden"33 Rob Rouleaux – Blurt38 Willem Schalekamp - Blue Crime40 Tzertzelos 'zine - Jucifer41 Tzertzelos 'zine - Thisquietarmy42 Kasper Vogelzang - Fckn Bstrds43 Niels Vinck - Part Chimp45 Niels Vinck - Distel47 Niels Vinck - Black Decades48 Niels Vinck - Trepaneringsritualen50 Niels Vinck - Svartvit51 Niels Vinck - Mirrors For Psychic Warfare - "Audience"52 Michiel de Wilde - Seein' Red53 Michiel de Wilde - Adolescents54 Isolde Woudstra - QUAL


    SOLD – No longer available:
    3 Kevin Boitelle – Vampilia
    7 Jo Higgs – Terrie Hessels
    8 Jo Higgs – Thurston Moore Group
    9 David Hup – Ploegendienst
    13 Cor Jabaaij – Alexander Hacke & Danielle De Picciotto
    19 Roy Licher – Infest – “Audience”
    20 Susana Martins – Landverraad
    21 Susana Martins – Thurston Moore Group
    22 Susana Martins – Mike Watt
    24 Andy Moor – Terry Ex – “Gaffa tape”
    27 Marcin Robak – CIRCUStheater (Indewarprodukties)
    29 Rob Rouleaux – Ploegendienst
    30 Rob Rouleaux – Pauper
    31 Rob Rouleaux – Pauper
    32 Rob Rouleaux – Need
    34 Rob Rouleaux – Belgrado
    35 Minja Sarovic – Kim Gordon (Body/Head)
    36 Minja Sarovic – OCCii – “Old wall & light”
    37 Willem Schalekamp – Blue Crime
    39 Luka Schuurman – Restless Youth on their way to OCCii
    44 Niels Vinck – Earth
    46 Niels Vinck – Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
    49 Niels Vinck – Black Spirituals
    55 Isolde Woudstra – Hysterics
    56 Isolde Woudstra – Landverraad